TDOT project will stop constant flooding on Murfreesboro Pike

The remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy should bring lots of rainfall to Middle Tennessee. (WSMV)

With heavy rain in the forecast, many drivers in southeast Nashville are preparing for Murfreesboro Pike to flood, but relief is on the way for those businesses and neighbors.

TDOT workers are digging up the road to install equipment to fix the drainage problem as part of a $4.2 million road-improvement project.

“It gets very bad to the point where you can’t even get through," said Nashville driver Devuntaye Jenkins. "You have to take a detour home.”

The intersection near Vultee Boulevard is so overwhelmed that a sign says, “caution ponding water.”

Region 3 Spokesperson Kathryn Schulte says TDOT worked with Metro Public Works and Metro Water Services for a solution.

“This one is going to be running along the shoulder of Murfreesboro [Pike], and it’s about 1,240 feet long," said Schulte. "So it is a really long box culvert, and we’re just going to give all that water that’s in that area a place to go."

Businesses along Murfreesboro Pike like Discount Tire see a dip in customers when the road floods.

“When it starts flooding, it floods all the way up to Popeyes, so people stop and start turning around," said Antonio Jones, a worker at Discounted Tires. "It does hurt, and then if they can’t get past or get through it that’s our day,”

Murfreesboro Pike won’t be the only one getting attention.

TDOT said other trouble spots are also on the list.

“There’s one spot on I-24/I-40 in the downtown loop that it has pretty small drains,” Schulte said. “Every time it rains, it doesn’t matter if a hubcap can wash in there, and it causes major issues.”

Work should finish up along Murfreesboro Pike in August, and drivers said they are counting down the days.

“We look forward to it, but until then, we’ve just got a problem to deal with,” said Jones.

TDOT said workers went around and cleared out drains along roads that are easy to flood.

Officials said drivers should be careful and avoid driving through a flooded road.

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