Tennessee Department of Transportation engineers are taking a close look at several bridges around downtown Nashville after drivers said concrete fell from the bridges and hit their cars.

Crews inspected both the Division Street and Broadway overpasses after a woman said concrete hit her car along that stretch of I-40.

Engineers said they didn't find any signs of damage to these bridges.

Engineers inspect these bridges every two years, but if people think something is amiss, they will check them right away.

“It didn’t look like the bridges had been hit recently,” said TDOT spokesperson Kathryn Schulte. “It’s something we want to be very sure of.”

TDOT engineers look for several things when inspecting a bridge - including loose or deteriorating concrete - with the potential to fall into the road.

They also check the deck (road), the overall span and the piers holding up the bridge during routine inspections.

“We're going to be laying eyes on them at least every two years,” Schulte said. “We're talking about looking at every little crack, photographing the bridge, having all that analyzed at headquarters.”

The most recent incident involved an overpass near I-24 and Murfreesboro Road. A driver said a chunk of concrete fell off the overpass hitting her car.

TDOT inspected the bridge and said it was hit by an over-sized load that wasn't reported.

“If something just hit your car, and it could have easily come from a truck on the road or whatever, but you think it could have come from a bridge, we'd like to know,” Schulte said.

TDOT said engineers are able to tell if concrete fell from an overpass or if it even came from that particular bridge at all.

“Something people don't think about is the different types of concrete,” said Schulte. “Our engineers can look at it and say it's a different kind of concrete than what's actually on the bridge.”

TDOT keeps an updated list of bridge reports, including the last time a bridge was inspected.

If you have a question or concern about a bridge or notice damage, click for ways to report it.

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Edward Burch joined News4 at a reporter in December 2016. Edward currently covers growth stories in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

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