NASHVILLE (WSMV) - Every October, the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) launches its annual statewide operation to ensure that sex offenders are following the guidelines of their supervision.

The operation is known as "Operation Blackout." Each year, TDOC Community Supervision adds additional protection for children by setting specific rules that sex offenders must follow in the month of October.

During this month, sex offenders are not allowed to put up Halloween decorations, attend Halloween functions, distribute candy, or leave their porch light active on Halloween night.

In addition to these rules, TDOC probation and parole officers will perform surprise home checks throughout the month leading up to Halloween. Officers will also be in neighborhoods on Halloween night to conduct compliance checks.

“There are just under 4,000 sex offenders on supervision living amongst us in Tennessee,” said Commissioner Tony Parker in a statement. “While we hope these folks are doing what they are supposed to, it is our job to confirm it. As a father, I am appreciative of these officers canvasing our communities to ensure everyone has a safe, enjoyable night.”

To keep their children safe on Halloween night, parents should walk with their children as they trick-or-treat and check the TBI Sex Offender Registry before leaving their home to know which homes to avoid.

If parents choose not to go with their child on Halloween night, they should know where they are trick-or-treating.

If you see a TDOC offender at a Halloween event or with Holiday decorations, please call 1-844-TDC-FIND.

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