NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - As COVID-19 cases continue to surge in Tennessee, statewide case data released Wednesday shows that roughly 1 in 78 Tennesseans are currently infected with the virus. 

Over 88,000 Tennesseans are now actively infected with COVID-19, according to the newest data from the state health department. 

Of the active cases reported Wednesday, the health department says 3,776 of them are currently hospitalized, with 1,083 in the ICU and 746 on a ventilator — all record-high numbers for the pandemic in Tennessee.

Regional hospitals see record high number of COVID hospitalizations

67 of those hospitalized are children, with 25 of those children currently in the ICU and 15 on ventilators.

In addition to the newest data from the state health department, COVID-19 data released from Vanderbilt Health on Tuesday illustrated the stark contrast in hospitalizations between those vaccinated and unvaccinated against the virus. 

That data says as of Saturday, 218 people have been hospitalized at Vanderbilt, with 190 of those reportedly unvaccinated. 

The report adds that of the 53 people in the ICU, 49 were unvaccinated. All 17 of the people listed on ventilators were also unvaccinated.

The report also says that the majority of vaccinated individuals hospitalized at Vanderbilt were reportedly immunocompromised.

On Thursday, August 26, Tennessee surpassed 1 million total COVID-19 infections. To date, over 13,700 Tennesseans have died from the virus. 

To look at COVID-19 data for Tennessee click here. 


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