NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A Sylvan Park woman said she was running home from McCabe Park on Wednesday night when a silver van with three men inside started following her.

News4 has reported on other potential kidnappings and abductions over the last few weeks near Belmont University and Vanderbilt University. Wednesday night’s took place on Nevada Avenue in Sylvan Park.

“I was actually coming down this hill since I got off the trail a little bit early,” remembers the female runner, who prefers not to be named for safety reasons. “I was right around this mailbox that is closest to us when the van approached and stopped short right in front of this dirt patch here.”

She says that’s when she panicked and ran up the Nevada Avenue hill. But she says as she ran back up the hill, the van made a U-turn and followed her.

“It felt like they were in pursuit of me,” she says. “I could see through the van there were three men having a conversation or a debate of some sort.”

She said it wasn’t until she got home and took to social media. She said she noticed other women’s reports of a silver van with three men inside also following them.

“It sent chills down my spine knowing there was another similar unsuccessful abduction attempt,” she comments.

But in her fight or flight response, she said she’s grateful she didn’t stick to her route.

“By not passing the van, I do feel I avoided something that could have turned into something bigger.”

The runner said she doesn’t know if there’s a pattern to these incidents. She said she filed a report with the city and planned to take a golf cart or drive to McCabe Park in the future.

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