Suspect in Gabby Doolin's murder accused of approaching WV boy

Timothy Madden (Source: Barren County Jail)

Timothy Madden, the man charged with murdering a 7-year-old girl during a football game in Kentucky, is now accused of approaching another child.

According to the Bowling Green Daily News, Madden was identified by a West Virginia boy as the man who allegedly tried to lure him into a vehicle.

It allegedly happened a month before Gabby Doolin was killed.

The newspaper quotes a Kentucky State Police affidavit that the boy was watching a TV account of Madden's arrest when he told his father that Madden was the same man who allegedly asked him and another boy to get into his vehicle in early October.

The boy quoted Madden as saying, "Come take a ride in my RV." The boys said they ran away.

The father of one of the boys reported the incident to police.

KSP has now gathered search warrants, including one for Madden's cell phone and cell tower coordinates, that would help police pinpoint where Madden was during the time of the alleged incident.

Madden's attorney, Travis Lock, released this statement about the allegations:I am disappointed that the Kentucky State Police detectives seem to want to try this case in the court of public opinion by repeatedly orchestrating maneuvers that are clearly intended to inflame the passions of the public, including any and all potential future participants in the jury trial process.

It is hard to imagine any other possible motive that KSP could have for filing these documents in the record, other than to poison the prospective jury panel. The timing of these affidavits is further suspect given that the initial information forming their basis was presented to KSP nearly three months prior.

These same detectives unequivocally told me that they had no interest in obtaining or reviewing video recordings that show Timothy Madden immediately prior to the crime and directly thereafter. It is difficult to comprehend why KSP would have no interest in gathering admissible evidence less than a mile from the scene of the crime, but go out of their way to investigate an allegation from West Virginia that is highly unlikely to have an relevance to or bearing on this case.

Suffice it to say there are aspects of this investigation that will likely be subject to scrutiny in future court proceedings. Timothy Madden has the right to a fair trial, which is undoubtedly being jeopardized by KSP's decisions to conjure as much negative information as possible and schematically put it in the court file. Ultimately, this case should be tried in a courtroom rather than the news.Stay with Channel 4 for updates on this story.

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