The call Sheriff Sonny Weatherford received the evening of April 27was the worst in his 34 years with the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office.

“I just had to kind of walk off to myself and let it soak in,” Weatherford said. “At the time they had found what they thought was four bodies.”

Later that night Weatherford was updated that seven people had been killed. It was the deadliest homicide event in Tennessee in 20 years.

“It was just kind of a sinking feeling, for you to be the sheriff of a county and something like this has happened,” Weatherford said.

Weatherford said some of his deputies were the first on scene.

“You could see the emotions from them and tell it was very horrific,’ Weatherford said.

A horrific tragedy which appears to be committed by one man, Michael Cummins.

“We have dealt with him for several years,” Weatherford said.

Cummins was just released from jail at the beginning of the year and was on probation.

“We had a couple things happen that they were starting to look maybe in his direction,” Weatherford said.

But nothing could have lead them to imagine he would kill seven people.

“I’ve heard so many people make statements that they knew this was going to happen, well they should have called and said something was going to happen,” Weatherford said. “The smallest thing that you might know of may be something that we might be looking for on another case.”

Like the rumors around the community that Cummins had killed another man weeks before and was selling his belongings. It’s a death Cummins is now facing charges for.

“It may have made a difference, I can’t tell you for sure that it would have, but it’s always a possibility that it could have,” Weatherford said.

It’s a tragedy that’s rocked the community and has investigators still looking for answers.

“I don’t know what caused this to happen, but I want the people of Sumner County to know it’s still safe,” Weatherford said.

Cummins is currently being held at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution. His first court appearance is May 29.

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Brittany Weiner joined the News4 team as a reporter in July 2018.

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