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MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) - Last month, Tamara Milford couldn’t figure out why she was experiencing headaches, nausea and the inability to breathe.

Even when her doctor prescribed her antibiotic, it didn’t help.

Picture of mold taken in Dec 2018

Mold found inside a room at The Pointe of Raiders Campus in Murfreesboro.

Then, she opened the blinds in her room at The Pointe at Raiders Campus, the popular off-campus housing complex.

“It was super black, all over,” Milford said.

She then told her roommates to open their blinds as well.

“We all had mold in every room,” Milford said.

Mold picture taken in May 2018

Mold found inside a room at The Pointe of Raiders Campus in Murfreesboro.

Last May, Chloe Creel documented the black mold growing on her window at the Pointe after she too started getting sick.

“I would get nosebleeds, I would get bad headaches,” Creel said.

The News4 I-team found in 2018 four different complaints were filed in four different buildings about black mold at The Pointe with the codes department with the city of Murfreesboro.

Inspectors found the mold growing on windows.

Creel said she didn’t file a complaint last year, so she believes many other students are suffering without reporting it to the city.

Because of the small size and configurations of the room, beds are placed by the windows, which means the students are sleeping directly next to the mold.

“Just to see what I'd been breathing in for the last few months, it was scary,” Creel said.

When the News4 I-Team examined the windows in Milford’s apartment, we found water pooling on the window sills.

News4 repeatedly called and emailed Peak Living, the complex’s out-of-state management company, asking if there were issues with the windows or how they sealed.

Our questions were not addressed in an email and a voicemail left for the I-Team.

“Whenever issues of concerns are raised, we endeavor to address them quickly and completely in order to ensure the continued health and safety of our residents,” Peak Living Regional Vice President Stacy Walton wrote in an email.

Not long after the News4 I-Team showed up at Milford’s apartment, a cleaning crew showed up to wipe away the mold.

But Milford pointed out that the large amount of black mold was cleaned in December and it is already starting to grow back.

“They think because we're college students, we're just going to complain, and it will blow over. They're not taking our concerns seriously at all,” Milford said.

The News4 I-Team will be checking in with the students to see if their mold complaints are being addressed.

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