State investigates legality of work around possible rock quarry site


The signs against a possible rock quarry are everywhere around Old Hickory. The quarry's not a done deal, but crews are already at work on the land, and the state's in the midst of an investigation into whether the company has the proper permits for what they're doing.

"There's eagles," said Old Hickory resident Cory Sharp. "We count multiple humming birds every night."

Sharp said he loves nights in Old Hickory like Friday, with a cool breeze after a rain and hardly a car on the road. It was a night many in the area were taking in from a porch swing or through a screen door.

"The only thing you can hear around here is the railroad track, and they're over a mile and a half away," said Sharp.

Sharp worries how long he'll get to keep this quiet scene if a rock quarry is built by Industrial Land Developers.

"Not for long if they get what they want," said Sharp. "They started scraping land come Monday."

A representative for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation said the company has permits to handle storm water discharges connected to construction. The representative added an investigation continues into whether all work being done at the site falls under their permits.

"They haven't been very good neighbors, coming into a community like this, not bringing us up to light with everything that's going on," said Sharp.

A representative for Industrial Land Developers told Channel 4 they're aware of the concerns of neighbors, and they want to make the respect of those neighbors a top priority.

The representative said all work being done is legal while they wait on word on whether they can build the quarry.

On Tuesday, two bills by Councilman Larry Hagar will get their first reading. The bills would distance mineral extraction and asphalt plans to 1,250 feet from a residential area and 2,000 feet from a park or school.

A public hearing on the bills is scheduled for November.

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Forrest Sanders is an award-winning reporter, videographer and editor at News4.

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