Springfield company spends 10 months growing 500K poinsettias


The leaves may be off the trees, but the color is still spectacular along Highway 41 in Springfield.

South Growers in Springfield is Tennessee’s top poinsettia producer.

Ron Vanderhengst knows it takes a green thumb to produce 500,000 poinsettias.

“The main reaction we get is ‘Wow, we cannot believe the sea of color, the sea of red and novelty colors,’” Vanderhengst said.

A golf cart ride is the only way to see all 920,000 square feet of the flowers before they are set to ship to five neighboring states.

South Growers makes it look easy, but it’s not.

“There are a lot of factors involved in it,” Vanderhengst said. “Need proper climate, proper facility, hours of darkness. Lots of factors not replicated by home growers.”

Vanderhengst said anyone who is unclear shouldn’t try this at home.

“It’s probably a safe bet that you’re not going to turn out the way these look,” he said.

The poinsettias are a 10-month project for Vanderhengst and his team. Beginning in February, it takes a lot of hard labor and luck to produce the perfect plant.

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