A Robertson County man went into a full-blown panic when he saw his home on fire with his father trapped inside.

He went running toward the smoke with one goal: get his father out of the house alive.

"Perfect timing I guess you'd say," said Hunter Bridges. "If I'd have been running late from work, pretty much my entire life would have been gone."

When Hunter got home to West Stone Creek Trail in Robertson County Monday afternoon, everything seemed fine.

He made a quick run out to a nearby Citgo. He came back home again a few minutes later.

"That's when I realized something ain't right," Hunter said. "I came through the door and it was just solid black smoke."

The family said a fire started in the kitchen and Hunter's father, Randall, was still inside.

"It throws you into a panic mode that I can't describe," said Hunter.

His mother, Donna, got to the house.

"I thought all was lost," she said. "I screamed 'Where's your dad?' He said, 'He's in there.' We were yelling for him, screaming for him. We couldn't find him."

Hunter ran around the back.

"I just kinda slammed it down," Hunter said, picking up a chair in the yard. "It started sinking in the ground on me like that. I busted the window out like that. He was laying right there on the floor. I just got him out the rest of the way and then drug him out to the yard. I hoped the smoke hadn't gotten to him. I hoped he had a pulse, because he wasn't breathing at the time. I could live with something happening to me. I couldn't live with something happening to him."

Randall has been treated for smoke inhalation at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Hunter said his father has been sitting up, awake and alert.

"He's the hero," said Donna, referring to her son. "He saved his dad's life. He loves his daddy. He would've died for him. Without him, I wouldn't have my husband. He saved my family."

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