The son of a couple murdered in an unsolved triple homicide in Pembroke, KY, likens his father’s death to an attack on the justice system.

“If someone killed a federal witness, it's not just an attack on our family. This is an attack on the entire legal system," Matt Phillips said.

His parents, Cal and Pam Phillips, along with their neighbor Ed Dansereau, were murdered on Nov. 19, 2015.

Two weeks after the Phillips and Dansereau were murdered, Cal Phillips was scheduled to testify in the court martial of their across the street neighbor, Army Major Kit Martin.

A Channel 4 I-Team investigation revealed how Cal Phillips was instrumental in delivering secret military discs he found in Martin’s home that sparked the court martial.

Cal Phillips also delivered to investigators a photograph of Martin’s ex-wife’s son, which shows him apparently beaten.

The children of the ex-wife all testified in the court martial that Kit Martin beat them.

And while the Phillips family treasures everything they still have of Cal and Pam, from photographs to the last voicemail Cal left for his sister Diana, they had no idea audio of Cal existed until the I-Team obtained it.

Before the murders, private investigators, working for Martin, interviewed Cal Phillips twice at his home in Pembroke.

The private investigators questioned Cal Phillips about the details of what he intended to testify about.

In several occasions, Cal Phillips would not give details.

“I'll explain that on the stand. I won't do it here,” he said in the recording.

But the investigators also pressed Cal Phillips about the nature of his relationship with Joan Harmon, Martin’s ex-fiance, asking if the two had personal reasons to want Martin in prison.

"One of the things - the information that the Army has - is the fact that you were apparently having an affair with Joan,” one of the investigators said.

“OK, so what?” Cal Phillips responded with a laugh.

“It brings into motive,” the investigators said.

“Whatever. You look at the disc, when you look at the information, that stuff stands on its own,” Call Phillips said.

Matt Phillips, along with Cal’s sister Diana Phillips, agreed to respond to what was said in the audio recordings.

"Obviously, those audio tapes raised questions about your parents’ relationship and Cal’s relationship to Joan. Do you have any question that there is more to this story that you don't know?" asked chief investigative reporter Jeremy Finley.

"My parents were about to celebrate another anniversary, my parents loved each other. I don't care. I don't think something occurred, I don't know. My dad's not here to defend himself,” Matt Phillips said.

Joan Harmon told the I-Team in 2016 she had not had an affair with Cal Phillips.

The Phillips family is also angry about what else was said in those recordings.

Not only did Cal Phillips hand over the discs to the FBI, but also a photograph one of Joan Harmon’s son where it appears he was beaten.

Harmon’s children testified in the court martial that Martin beat them.

"She (Harmon) said she was afraid of him (Martin), that she was concerned for her welfare,” Cal Phillips said in the recording.

But Cal Phillips also told private investigators that he never saw any abuse, form physical to sexual.

"He just went down the whole line, refuted everything, and I was like, ‘I'm golden.’" Kit Martin said in an interview with the I-Team in 2016. "He was my star witness."

"I think that notion of this star witness thing is absurd,” Diana Phillips said.

"He (Cal Phillips) brought forward a picture of a child who'd been beaten. And he brought forward information that shouldn't have been out there,” Matt Phillips said.

All the Phillips family can do now is hope for clues come following the announcement of their $100,000 reward. Click here for complete information on the reward.

A spokesman for the Christian County Sheriff’s Department confirms forensic tests are being run on more than 100 pieces of evidence.

The only evidence the Phillips family said they have are photographs, documenting more than 34 years of Cal and Pam’s relationship.

"He loved her more than anything. And she loved him. She adored him,” Matt Phillips said.

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Chief Investigative Reporter

Jeremy Finley is the News4 I-Team's Chief Investigative Reporter. He has won multiple Midsouth Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Awards.

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