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Some south Nashville residents frustrated over valet trash service they are forced to pay for

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It's meant to be convenient. But some south Nashville residents say paying for a trash service they can't use feels more like a rip-off.

For Clay Arnold, taking out his trash is just part of his daily routine.

He'd love to use the valet trash service his apartment complex offers.


You put it right outside your door and each night it gets picked up. The problem? This News4 employee works nights and isn't home when it's time to put it outside.

“I'm forced to pay for a service I essentially can't use,” says Arnold.

He pays $30 a month. Add that up and we're talking more than $300 a year.

“I mean that's some money that I could save on my rent,” said Arnold.

Arnold sent an email asking if he could opt out, explaining he works during that time. He figures out of hundreds of people living there he can’t be the only one who works nights.

But he received an email back telling him unfortunately he was unable to opt out and all residents are required to take the service.

You're supposed to put your trash out between 6-8 at night. But we found trash sitting outside people’s doors during the day. So, we went to ask management about it and get answers to their trash policy in general."

No one with the apartment complex, Hawthorne South Oaks, would speak with us on camera. But according to management, it's in the lease.

Arnold says you used to be able to put it outside whenever you wanted and recently the rules changed.

“I understand they want to keep the place clean and everything which I appreciate, but don't force us to pay for something we can't use,” says Arnold.

So how can you avoid a situation like this? First, make sure to read over your lease carefully. Has anything changed since you signed that lease? If so, you can write a letter to management arguing your case. And of course, you can always contact an attorney for help.

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Lindsay Bramson joined News4 in June 2016 as an investigative reporter. She currently specializes in consumer issues.

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