Soar through the trees at Nashville Adventure Park


If zip lines and climbing in trees tickle your fancy, you’re in for a treat no matter how old you are.

A new adventure park just opened in Nashville.

The adventure park of Nashville is on the property of the Gordon Jewish Community Center in West Meade and it is filled with trees.

With 12 differed color coded aerial trails, like three-footers for kids that are 3 to the tree toppers 50 feet above the ground, buckled up for complete safety.

“It’s a system where once you clip on, you really can’t undo yourself until you get to the end, so that gives a big sense of confidence,” said Baham Azarm with Outdoor Adventure Group. “Because you’re trying to figure out how to do the element, you’re much more concerned about where your feet are going to go than how high you are.”

In between the elements they have zip lines, kind of as a reward.

“If they never get there, they’re always aiming to try it as some point,” said Azarm.

There are only six of these Adventure Parks in the country and the one in Nashville still has job openings. Click for information about the park and job opportunities.

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