A Brentwood store owner was shocked to see a Fender guitar swiped after a man shoved it down his pants and headed out the door.

Shoplifter caught on camera shoving guitar down pants

A camera captures a man shoving a guitar down his pants and heading out the door of a store.

The owner said the shoplifting took place at the Lane Music in Brentwood on Saturday afternoon. Brentwood Police are investigating.

Whether someone's been playing something a long time or beginning to explore their talent, Colin Laughlin's around to match everyone with the instrument that speaks to them. 

"It's about finding the one," said Laughlin. "It's really cool. I'm fortunate enough to show kids some instruments, and once they get it, they really light up. I think that's the coolest part."

Laughlin never got to match one particular instrument with the right person. 

"It was actually right here on the wall," he said, motioning to an empty space.

The Fender left the building down someone's pants. 

A man in a blue cap and big gray coat was caught on camera Saturday.

"We left the guy alone for maybe three minutes," said Laughlin. "He adjusts his coat. You can see he'd undone his pants. You can see the guitar neck go into the pant leg, and he adjusts the body on his side. He redoes his pants and covers it with his coat. If you watch, he doesn't bend his left knee afterward. You can't see the guitar."

"Right there, that's where he says 'bye, thanks for showing me around,'" Laughlin continued, showing a part of the video where the man walks by an employee.  "It was in his pants, and he was gone. It was shock and a bit of anger."

Fender guitar stolen from Lane Music in Brentwood

The serial number on the guitar is US16082359

The item stolen was a Fender guitar with the serial number US16082359. Laughlin believes the man left in what looked like a green 2008 Lexus ES 350.

Laughlin said the guitar belongs with him until he can match it with the right person, just like every other instrument in his shop.

"It's pretty frustrating in the potential that was in that guitar," he said.

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Forrest Sanders is an award-winning reporter, videographer and editor at News4.

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