Several rides banned from Tennessee fairs this season


One of the largest fairs in the state is going with a brand-new ride company this year, but Tennessee officials have deemed some of the company's rides too dangerous for you or your kids to ride.

Not one, but two rides with the Wilson County Fair's new vendor, Reithoffer Shows, have been banned by state officials from this upcoming season.

The Commissioner of the TN Department of Labor and Workforce Development Randall Clemons said the rides are too similar one involved in a fatal accident in Ohio last year.

In a statement, Clemons wrote:“Our executive board did a thorough job of reviewing carnivals and in the end, Reithoffer Shows was our best fit for the Fair. We liked the rides, staffing, new ticketing system, quality and cleanliness of the rides. We studied all areas of their business and Reithoffer had the entire package and they were available.”Organizers of the Wilson County Fair, which was named one of the top 50 fairs in North America, said they are stepping it up this season.

They signed a three-year contract with Reithoffer Shows.

Reithoffer has 100 rides, including the Wild Claw, a thrill-ride very similar to the Fireball, the ride that caused the deadly accident in Ohio.

“We knew about the incident that happened in Ohio maybe 10 minutes after it happened, and we voluntarily shut our ride down, said Reithoffer. "We didn't know what happened to that ride, but we wanted to make sure nothing like that happened with our ride."

Reithoffer says he ordered brand new arms and seats for the ride and plans to re-introduce it during his shows this year.

However, he will not be able to do that in Tenn. since state officials have banned it.

“The commissioner decided he really did not want to take any chances with anyone riding these devices here in Tenn.,” said Chris Cannon, a spokesperson with the TN Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Wild Claw isn’t the only attraction on that list.

After News4 asked state officials for an update on the ban, they took a deeper look and made some additional changes.

They also banned Freak Out, another ride owned and operated by Reithoffer.

Despite the ban, Reithoffer feels his rides are some of the safest in the country.

"This is our 122nd year, "said Reithoffer. "We've had one fatality on our show in all that time."

Here is a full list of all of the rides banned this year in Tennessee: Fireball, KMG Afterburner, KMG Move It, KMG Freak Out, KMG Sicko, KMG XXL, KMG Revolution, KMG Revolution 32, CRM Revolution 20, CRM Wild Claw, KMG Cyclops, KMG Chaos, KMG Rocket, KMG Street Fighter, Technical Park Street Fighter Revolution, Technical Park Mistral, Mondial Nitro, Zamperla Space Jam, FabbriCopyright 2018 WSMV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.



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