Security for the NFL Draft

It's being called the largest multi-day event Nashville has ever had. Somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 people will be downtown for the NFL Draft.

Right now, investigators said there are no known security threats. But with the Boston Marathon bombing and the Las Vegas concert shooting, police are having to do everything they can to make sure a tragedy doesn't happen in Nashville.

Police chief Steve Anderson said there will be 400 officers within the draft footprint every day, some of them in plain clothes and others in uniform. Most will be working overtime, so they don't have to take the regularly scheduled officers away from patrolling Nashville's neighborhoods.

The police department will have a command post set up at the emergency operations center near Belmont. They'll also be monitoring a network of public safety cameras that they have downtown.

"I wanna be very clear on one point, we will not tolerate any criminal activity or other disruptive behavior that would attempt to disrupt the Draft or Marathon or that may otherwise create fear in our fans," said Chief Anderson.

Police have set up a NFL Draft law enforcement hotline. If you see something suspicious, call 615-880-1515. That hotline will be activated and monitored around the clock Thursday through Sunday.

Know the warning signs of sex trafficking

Investigators are worried about human trafficking that may come with a massive sporting event such as the NFL Draft.

They say sex trafficking is a demand-driven crime and that men are the most common perpetrators. Anytime you can get this many men together in one place, sex trafficking has the potential to increase.

That's why investigators need our help. They want you to familiarize yourself with the five most common warning signs of someone being trafficked.

  1. Police say watch for a child in a suspicious circumstance, like a kid who is alone at a hotel.
  2. Watch out for someone who isn't in control of their own money or documents.
  3. Someone who is acting unusually fearful, anxious, submissive, or is showing signs of physical abuse.
  4. Look out for someone who doesn't know what city they're in or can't explain why they're here.
  5. Someone who is being prohibited from interacting with others.

"Next week as our city welcomes an influx of visitors, we'll have agents and intelligence analysts ready to respond to any calls placed to the TN Human Trafficking Hotline, which anyone can reach any time at 1-855-55-TN-HTH," said TBI Director David Rausch.

If you suspect anyone to be victim of human trafficking, call 1-855-55-TN-HTH.

For more information on what you should do if you suspect trafficking or if you’re a victim, visit

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Carley Gordon joined the News4 team as a reporter in 2009. Carley currently covers the crime beat around Middle Tennessee.

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