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Tonight, a warning for parents that has to do with an app your kids could have on their phones or tablets and some of you may have no idea what it is.

The I-TEAM has a story that will have you checking your child’s phone.

It's become one of the world’s most popular apps for kids and has been downloaded more than 80 million times just in the U.S

But just how much do you know about Tik Tok?

“They love just doing the dancing and all that stuff,” said Erica Haynes who is a parent of 2 young children.

You create a short 15 second video that you can share with family and friends. But the News4 I-Team found out it can also be an invitation for criminals.

“The more pieces you put out there the easier it is for someone to either become you or act like they know you in real life,” said Bruce McCully, a security expert with Dynamic Edge.

Take this video for example. Right away you can probably figure out it's shot at a park. And if your privacy settings aren't on, someone with the right skills could track you down.

An investigation in South Carolina revealed kids who thought they were talking to other kids were in fact talking to a 28-year-old man from Kentucky.

“There’s a lot of bad people out there unfortunately that want to go and target our children,” said Elizabeth Tuschner who has a 10-year-old daughter on Tik Tok.

Here's what you can do to protect your kids.

Go into the Tik Tok app and look for privacy settings. You have the option to allow others to find you or make it private. By making your account private only approved users can watch your videos.

“Have a conversation with your children before they run into something they don't want you to see or you don't want them to be part of,” said McCully.

“It’s the world we live in right now,” said Tuschner.

Here's the takeaway from all of this. Tik Tok can be safe for your kids as long as the videos they’re posting aren't available for the whole world to see.

Something else you can do is put down a fake birthday when signing up for the app. There's no reason why you have to put your real information down.

This makes it so someone out there can't steal your identity or track you down as easily.

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