MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) - With COVID-19 students in the Middle Tennessee area have had their learning disrupted in some way this school year, but thanks to the new Rutherford County Virtual School, students have learned without interruptions.

“It’s been a lot easier with COVID because I can stay at home,” said Nevaeh Henderson, a junior at the school.

Since August, she hasn’t missed a single day of school because of COVID-19.

“It’s very convenient for us students and parents,” said Henderson.

Instead of learning traditionally, with the risk of school closures or a hybrid model where it’s hard to find a routine, Rutherford County Virtual School lets students learn from home with a teacher and without disruptions.

“To know, like I know exactly what is going to happen tomorrow and nothing can stop it unless we lose internet is nice,” said Henderson.

“I can stay at home and email (my teachers) and say I need hope on this subject or unit, and they would be able to schedule a time to meet with them. We can have a one-on-one with live lessons in a Zoom-like platform.”

Rutherford County Virtual School is currently for grades 6-12. There is a chance to add lower grades in the future.

Unlike distance learning, students work from one platform and don’t have to depend on their parents for teaching.

“We have students thriving at home with mom,” said Rutherford County Virtual School Principal Jessica Supakhan. “Maybe mom doesn’t want to do full-on home schooling, so we will provide the platform, curriculum and the teachers. We don’t put that burden on the parents to provide teaching.”

It’s an alternative way of learning that will be an option even after traditional school returns.

“We will be here to stay and to grow our program,” said Supakhan.

Click for information on Rutherford County Virtual School.


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