The Rutherford County clerk is hoping to do away is issuing wheel tax stickers. But there is one final hurdle to cross before that could happen. In the long run, this will save taxpayers a lot of money.

Luke George shoveled out quite a bit of cash to register his car today. He knows there is no way around it, but he's looking to save money anyway he can.

"Anything that will save the county money so they can charge me less taxes, I'm for it," George said.

That's why County Clerk Lisa Crowell wants to do away with issuing the wheel tax sticker; by doing so it will save taxpayers a lot of money.

"A little over $13,000," Crowell said.

That's more than $13,000 a year; over time that adds up.

In Rutherford County it costs $76.50 to renew your tag; $52.50 of that is for a county wheel tax. But keep in mind by eliminating the sticker doesn't mean vehicle owners won't have to pay the tax. The sticker just shows proof that the tax has been paid.

"It's just a double ways of showing proof of paying a wheel tax fee. You carry your registration, and that also shows proof," the county clerk said.

The little decals are a pain for clerks; they have to rip each sticker apart by hand, taking away time for more important things, like serving customers.

"We're saving first of all by not purchasing the decals. It's very time consuming to the employees here at the County Clerk's office preparing those decals," Crowell said.

David McWilliams moved to Tennessee two years ago; receiving both a state and county sticker was new to him.

"In South Carolina when we paid for our tags, you only got the one sticker that said 13; moving to Tennessee I did find it odd putting two stickers on it," McWilliams said.

Just in case you're wondering what the fee tax fee is used for; 40 percent goes to the County General Fund, 40 percent to education, and 30 percent goes to the highway fund.

Last month alone, the county collected $586,000 in wheel taxes.

County Clerk Lisa Crowell said she knows of at least 21 other counties in the state that have stopped issuing wheel tax stickers, saving taxpayers in those counties money as well.

Thursday night the Rutherford County Commission approved a resolution to do away with the wheel tax stickers, but it still needs approval from state lawmakers.

If approved by the state's General Assembly, it will be about a year from now before the stickers are no longer used in Rutherford County.

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