Restaurants, hotels struggling to find workers

Restaurants and hotels are having problems finding workers. (WSMV)

Restaurants and hotels are struggling to find workers and that could mean longer wait times for you at the counter.

There aren’t enough people applying for thousands of jobs in Nashville. While businesses grew since last year, the number of workers did not.

“We started looking three weeks ago, and even with a bonus for our employees for referring someone that we hire and keep over four weeks, we’ve been unable to find any applicants yet,” said Randy Rayburn, the owner of Midtown Cafe.

Rayburn described the challenges you might see right now.

“A number of places have closed or had great difficulty because they’re doing more with less. So the quality of service has suffered, or they can’t find sufficient people on the food line to be able to get the food out in as timely a basis as they would want to,” said Rayburn.

It isn’t only restaurants feeling the crunch. Hotels are understaffed as well.

The Tennessee Hospitality and Tourism Association said every hotel and restaurant has at least one or two positions to fill if not more.

“What it means is those people in management really have to step up their game,” said Rayburn. “The hourly people are doing more with less.”

But even though you’re seeing fewer people working, Rayburn said not to expect lower standards when you visit establishments.

The Convention and Visitors Corporation and THTA held several job fairs for those industries, and companies they are upping their game when it comes to incentives to fill that gap.

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