Recording of victim 2 weeks before murders reveals connections to person of interest


To understand the connections of the three people murdered in Pembroke, KY, on Nov. 19, 2015, you can go back to what happened two weeks prior.

On Nov 2, 2015, private investigators interviewed Calvin Phillips.

That recording, and another of Phillips made in July of 2015, reveal how the three victims are connected to the only named person of interest in the case.

On Nov.19, 2015, the bodies of Pam Phillips and her neighbor, Ed Dansereau, were found in Pam Phillips' burned out car on Rosetown Road in Pembroke.

Investigators then found Calvin Phillips shot to death in the couple’s home at 443 South Main St.

A day later, a SWAT team raided the home of Army Maj. Christian “Kit” Martin, who was detained for days by military investigators before being released.

Since then, there have been no arrests and no information has been released, but a Channel 4 I-Team investigation has pieced together how all the people are connected.

For the first time, the woman who links them - Martin’s ex-wife, Joan Harmon - is breaking her silence, but on one condition.

“You’ve even asked us not to reveal where we (are doing the interview) right now,” said chief investigative reporter Jeremy Finley.

“Yes. I’m scared for my children,” Harmon said.

In a 911 call and in complaints to the military, Harmon claimed that Martin abused her and her children.

Even though in a hearing in family court in 2012, a judge denied a domestic violence order and stated that Harmon did not meet a burden of proof, Harmon said the Phillips did believe her, especially Pam Phillips.

"She was like a second mom to me. Cal was incredible,” Harmon said.

Harmon said after she made the 911 call and moved out, she, the Phillips and Dansereau took a concealed carry class together.

The organizer of the class confirmed to the I-Team that the four did take the class.

"They (the Phillips) told me not to be afraid, and they weren't going to be afraid. But we all needed to take measures to protect ourselves,” Harmon said.

Harmon said when she went to gather some of her belongings from Martin’s home, she took Calvin Phillips with her, and that’s when she said they found a military computer and discs, marked “secret,” among some blankets.

"Cal was convinced I had to keep them and turn them in. That he (Martin) shouldn't have those things,” Harmon said.

At one undetermined point, Calvin Phillips and Harmon took the computer and the discs to the FBI.

Not long after, Martin learned he was the subject of a court martial, for not only physical and sexual abuse, but for also mishandling classified materials.

Martin then hired private investigators, who went to speak with Calvin Phillips, and recorded their conversations.

Calvin Phillips was asked why he took the military computer and discs.

"When I see the amount of classified, I look at that and going, ‘This isn't supposed to be here,'” he said in the recording.

The investigators also asked Calvin Phillips about what Harmon told him about her relationship with Martin.

"She said she was afraid of him. That she was concerned for her welfare,” he said.

But when they asked Calvin Phillips about her claims of abuse, he denied every hearing about it.

"During this, she never told you that he was molesting the kids?” the investigator asked.

“No,” he said.

“(That) he (Martin) raped me (Harmon)? He sodomized me? He beats me?” the investigator asked.

“No,” Calvin responded.

Knowing he was scheduled to testify in the court martial for both the military and Martin’s team, Calvin Phillips would not elaborate what he intended to say.

“And I’ll explain that on the stand. I won't do it here,” he said.

At one point, Calvin Phillip made a statement with an unclear meaning.

“If I had not done what I did, the position I would be in would be especially horrific for me,” he said.

Calvin Phillips also became agitated when asked if he was having an affair with Harmon.

"What they're going to say to you, Calvin, is that you had an extramarital affair with this woman, and this provides the motive to set him (Martin) up,” the investigator said.

“The problem is, how do you create something? You've got to have the resources to build what you're talking about,” Calvin Phillips said.

“From the outside in, Calvin, that doesn’t look good,” the investigator said.

“OK, well, that's great, cause the information on the disks, that will speak for itself,” Calvin Phillips said.

"There are questions if you were having an affair with Cal Phillips,” Finley asked Harmon.

"No. My ex-husband has been trying to say that since I left him,” Harmon said.

But Harmon knows there are more questions as well about her own past.

Court records show while she was married to Martin, she was also married to another man.

"Did you not plead guilty to bigamy?" Finley asked.

"Yes. I couldn't afford an attorney. What was I going to do?" Harmon said.

Martin’s legal team believes all this casts suspicion on Harmon and details their concerns in an email to police.

But Harmon is convinced that she knows who killed her neighbors.

“My ex-husband,” Harmon said.

“You feel like your ex-husband is responsible?” Finley said.

“Absolutely,” Harmon said.

But only one person knows if that claim is true, and for the first time, Martin is speaking out. You will see his interview Friday at 6:00 on Channel 4 News.

A spokesman for the Christian County sheriff’s office said they are waiting on tests to be completed from the crime lab.

On Friday at 6 o'clock, the I-Team will also reveal what evidence investigators could be seeking, and you will also hear a statement from the Phillips family.

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