In some cases, scammers are finding out property owner names from tax records and using them in online rental ads.

News4 spoke with a real estate agent who learned one of the homes she was helping to sell was trying to be rented out online through Facebook.

"The house is actually under contract and when it goes to close, if a renter lands there around the same time a buyer who is already expecting and owns the home, I mean that could create some conflict," said Anna Altic, a Village Real Estate broker.

Altic said at least three people have reached out to her about renting the house. The problem is it was never for rent.

She's contacted Facebook about the online ad and other issues.

"The poster can create a new, fake account and then just repost the same in another group or another forum and we just don't know about it," Altic said.

The price difference is more than noticeable. 

The asking price to buy the East Nashville home with four bedrooms is $548,500. The Facebook ad said it's $800 per month to rent.

"It should be a red flag. I guess if you were looking from out of town and you don't really know our real estate market or our rental market here, then you may think that's a reasonable rate and so I think that's a bit concerning," Altic said.

To her knowledge, no one has sent money to the person who posted the fake ad.

Altic said to look out for three red flags when it comes to these situations.

They include a newly created Facebook account posting the ad, the poster's name and email address not matching up, and if they ask you to send money out of state.

"Keys are king. So, you should never ever give money. Any reputable landlord is going to meet you at the property and allow you to have access and view the property first," Altic said.

While News4 was at the house, some people stopped by who saw it for rent online.

They called the real estate agent about it because they were skeptical about the rental price and wanted to buy the home.

Altic told News4 she learned about the online scam from people in the community letting her know about it.

When News4 tried to find the post, it looked like it had been pulled down.

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