A racist flyer has popped up on windshields in the parking lot at the One Hundred Oaks Mall.

A Nashville couple found one on their car. It’s upsetting to them because the flyer is not only filed with hate, but the couple are also African Americans.

They don’t believe they were targeted, but it still stings.

Alonzo Mayfield and his wife had just left the Vanderbilt Clinic at One Hundred Oaks when they say a flyer on their windshield.

It soon became apparent to them that it wasn’t an advertisement. As they read the flyer, they became silent. There were racist depictions and white power symbols.

“My son, my daughter are dealing with stuff today that my parents and their parents dealt with, something they should not have to experience,” said Mayfield.

The flyer listed a website that had racist and white nationalism overtones.

“This is something that does not belong in the community. It’s something that does not show favorably on Nashville. This is a dynamic of the country that has yet to evaporate,’ said Mayfield.

If Mayfield could speak to whoever put the flyer on his windshield, he would say this:

“What is it that is in your heart, that says that

"What is it, that is in your heart, that says that melanin, or the lack of it, establishes superiority, or inferiority, perhaps they need to sit down and spend time with people outside their group," said Mayfield.

Vanderbilt Medical Center sent News4 a statement that said in part “While we understand the flyer was place on a car parked in One Hundred Oaks retail area, the safety of each of our patients is always a foremost concern. The flyer was reported to Vanderbilt University Police, and they continue to investigate.”

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