Skeletal remains ID'ed as missing soldier Shadow McClaine

Shadow McClaine's remains were found in January. (WSMV)

The ex-husband of murdered Fort Campbell soldier PFC Shadow McClaine appeared in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing after new accusations were brought forth by another soldier who pleaded guilty to killing McClaine last year.

Last September, Spc. Charles Robinson pleaded guilty to conspiracy, murder and obstruction of justice in the death of McClaine. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

McClaine's ex-husband Sgt. Jamal Williams-McCray is also charged in the case.

Speaking to the judge, Robinson claimed Williams-McCray hired him to kill McClaine for $10,000. Robinson said he did not know McClaine.

During a meeting on post to discuss the details, Robinson said Williams-McCray told him he tried killing his former wife before and failed, which is why he decided he needed help.

Robinson said his wife, Jade Robinson, was also part of the planning of McClaine's murder, suggesting they murder McClaine with a knife instead of a gun.

According to Robinson, Williams-McCray drove McClaine to an area of high grass off Interstate-24 near Exit 11 last September as part of a ruse. During that time, Robinson said he pretended to be the property owner.

He said McClaine told him they were on a scavenger hunt. Robinson said he acted angry at the two for trespassing and told them to get on their knees while he patted them down.

Robinson admitted to cutting McClaine's throat, stabbing her and then breaking her neck with his hands.

After disposing of the body, Robinson said he washed out the liner of his truck and disposed of the murder weapons in the Cumberland River off Riverside Drive.

In September, he told the judge, "as a soldier, I should be helping law enforcement solve a crime."

Robinson said he only got $200 from Williams-McCray before both of them were arrested.

He also told the judge that Williams-McCray said he would pay his cellmates at the Montgomery County Jail to kill him if they found out he was talking to officials about the case.

The preliminary hearing for Williams-McCray addressed new charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, involving the Robinsons and Williams-McCray's ex-girlfriend Sarah Stewart.

The hearing also addressed two new charges against Williams-McCray for attempted murder since Robinson told officials about his previous attempts to kill his ex-wife by poisoning and strangling her.

Defense for Williams-McCray claimed there's a lack of evidence outside Robinson's statements.

Robinson's wife, Jade Robinson, spoke to the court by phone, claiming she had no knowledge of a plan to murder McClaine. She also told the court that her husband is known to lie as well as being extremely violent and abusive.

The weekend of McClaine's murder, Jade Robinson said she witnessed her husband looking for medical gloves and extra cleaning supplies to wash his truck. She said she also saw a brush in her husband's socks, which she thought was strange since he claimed to have been at a house party the night before.

Jade Robinson said she witnessed her husband and Williams-McCray talking in somber tones, overhearing the words 'eleven' and 'Adams' come up in their conversation.

While Robinson said McClaine was murdered near Exit 11, her body was later found in Adams, Tenn.

Williams-McCray's ex-girlfriend Sarah Stewart also claimed in court she had no idea about plans to murder McClaine. She added Williams-McCray began threatening suicide around the time his ex-wife went missing.

McClaine made headlines when she went missing from the Clarksville area in September 2016.

Her remains were found months later in a wooded area off I-24 near Exit 19, which is more than 30 miles away from the Nashville parking lot where her car was found.

The preliminary hearing for Williams-McCray continues Friday.

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