Capstone Pediatrics cares for thousands of kids from the time their born to age 20.

There are seven locations across Middle Tennessee, or at least, there was. Recently two of the locations suddenly closed.

The Brentwood location has a "closed" sign on the door. The Metroplex location was recently evicted and the sheriff’s office confirmed there were patients and families sitting in exam rooms when it happened.

"I'm sad, not surprised," said Dr. Tatanisha Smith, a former Capstone employee.

Lisa Evans also used to work for Capstone.

Evans and Smith said Capstone regularly ran out supplies and immunizations.

They said nurses weren't getting money for their health insurance plans and they weren't getting paid on time.

"I've been told to go to liquor stores to cash checks, go to check advance places to cash checks," said Evans.

It's particularly troubling because 19,500 of Capstone's patients are on TennCare.

"These are really families that they have to rely on them for medical service," said Smith.

News4 reached out to Capstone but haven’t heard back.

A spokesperson for TennCare said they're helping families find new pediatricians if they need it.

Former employees of Capstone said they're worried about what will happen next.

"In my mind, I think it's so far gone that they would definitely need a change of leadership, just because you've lost now, not only the trust of the people that work for you, but also you're losing the trust of the community and so they need a fresh start," said Smith.

This is not the first time these pediatric practices have faced trouble.

The former owner was charged with fraud. The company later filed for bankruptcy.

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Carley Gordon joined the News4 team as a reporter in 2009. Carley currently covers the crime beat around Middle Tennessee.

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