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For years, fraud experts have been saying the safest way to pay is with "touchless." It's when you tap your phone and you never have to pull out your credit card.  

Unfortunately, it seems the bad guys have now caught up.

"When I saw this, it was kind of like a gut punch. It was like, 'oh, this is the way I pay,'" said Michael Warren a sergeant with the Metro Police Department's fraud unit.  

The secret service recently found a new skimmer that can intercept the signal when people use contactless pay.

So far, they've only found them on gas pumps. 

It doesn't affect the interaction, so you could buy gas with out even noticing, 

but it sends the thievesguys your credit card information.

"Unfortunately in 2019 the bad guys finally got up to speed," said Warren. 

The good news is, unlike the old skimmers, these aren't inside the pumps.

They have to be placed on the outside and they have to be really close to the touchless pay pad in order to work.

"It does look a little out of place. I expect them to get more sophisticated. They're probably going to start coloring it the same color as the pumps, like they've done with bank ATMs," said Warren.  

So far police have only found them in Philadelphia, but police said don't let your guard down.

"It's only a matter of time before we find one in Nashville. It's not a matter of 'if,' it's a matter of 'when,'" said Warren.  

Police still believe "contactless" is the safest way to pay.

If you find one, don't leave it on the pump.  

Bring it inside the store and call police.  

Local investigators are anxious to get their hands on one so they can analyze it and better warn the public.  

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