Police show how to properly use surveillance cameras


Lots of people have surveillance cameras these days. The question is do they know how to use them?

"If you put up cameras, that's great, but if you don't angle it right, it’s virtually useless because you're not getting anything. Done correctly, they're priceless," said Metro Police Sgt. Steve Linn.

Linn has been doing home security site surveys for years.

He said having cameras pointed at all of the doors outside is more important than having them inside.

Make sure there's enough light to see at night and that you retain footage for a minimum of 30 days.

"A lot of the devices are on a 24-hour loop, so if you get some evidence and, let's say, you're out of town for a week and you're unable to record it or save it, it’s going to be looped over seven times by the time you get back," said Linn.

Another thing, use a sign or something to make sure people know they're being watched.

Some surveillance systems allow you to speak through them using your phone.

Make sure the alerts are in real time and that someone is monitoring them because when someone is trying to get in your home, seconds count.

Metro Police will conduct security surveys at people’s homes, businesses, and places of worship for free.

To get a survey, contact your local precinct.

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