Police around Middle Tennessee are seeing kids commit crimes at an alarming rate.

Police departments are now teaming up because they're noticing same of the same issues.

They're seeing kids just 12 and 13 years old stealing cars and guns.

"They literally put the term 'drive it like you stole it' in it and because they do. They're going to push that car to everything they can," Lt. Blaine Whited with the Metro Nashville Police Department said.

That's putting themselves, other drivers, and officers in danger.

Lt. Whited said part of why they're so bold is because of social media. He heads metro's juvenile crime task force.

"Whether it be taking cars, robbing individuals, or flashing guns. So they're getting positive comments, which is encouraging them to do it more, not less," Lt. Whited said.

The workload for the task force isn't slowing down either.

Since starting almost a year ago, they confiscated 206 guns, found 188 stolen or carjacked vehicles, and arrested 267 juveniles.

"They're looking for good cars and good cellphones and good firearms. They're going to go to those areas. No boundaries exist anymore for these youth," Lt. Whited said.

That's why police are coming together to put a stop to it.

One solution they discussed is sharing information with each other. Sometimes it's the same people committing crimes.

"Everyone should take a concern about this because it could be you, it could be your family member, it could be your neighbor that's the next victim of these types of crimes," Lt. Whited said.

Another motivation behind some of these crimes is older brothers and sisters who are also getting in trouble.

If you take the stolen cars and guns away from these kids, police said they don't have a way to commit the crimes.

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