Don Wolfe

Don Wolfe

NASHVILLE (WSMV) - Investigators have arrested a 69-year-old man for DUI and open container charges, as well as additional charges for exposing himself and attempting to run over a female Metro Police officer.

Officers were dispatched to 710 McCrory Creek Road on a one car motor vehicle crash on Sunday. Officers attempted to check on Wolfe who they found passed out behind the wheel of his car by tapping on the window.

Wolfe reportedly looked up at the officer and stuck his middle finger up and went back to sleep. Officers again attempted to check on Wolfe who then stuck his middle finger up and shouted an expletive.

It was then Wolfe turned the wheel of the car toward the officer and stepped on the gas pedal but because the car was stuck in a ditch, it did not move. After officers shouted at Wolfe to stop resisting and get out of the vehicle, Wolfe turned the wheel straight toward the road and pressed on the gas pedal again but failed to get out of the ditch because the car was stuck in the mud.

Officers continued to shout commands at Wolfe, who then opened his car door and got out. Officers observed Wolfe was unsteady on his feet and was slurring his speech. His eyes were bloodshot and watery. Officers saw an open Bud Light can in the drivers side cupholder.

As officers were attempting to place Wolfe into custody, Wolfe turned around and attempted to swing his right arm with a closed fist at the officer. The officer stepped back and Wolfe fell to the ground due to the ground being wet.

Wolfe then attempted to take his genitals out of his already unzipped pants saying he "had to pee." Another officer arrived on scene and took Wolfe into custody. Due to his aggressive behavior, officers did not test his blood alcohol level.

Officers said Wolfe admitted under Miranda rights to drinking several alcoholic beverages near the Donelson area prior to driving off and had admitted to using cocaine the day before. When asked to take a blood test, Wolfe reportedly responded with an expletive.

Officers also found an open container of Bud Light in the backseat of the car and an opened bottle of Fireball in the front passenger seat.

Wolfe faces charges of DUI, driving with an open container, evading arrest, attempted assault, implied consent, and public indecency.

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