Police arrest alleged "drainers" for stealing thousands

Metro Police arrested seven people on fraud charges for stealing money from bank accounts. (Photos: Metro Nashville Police Department)

Metro Police arrested seven men who they said managed to steal thousands of dollars out of other people's bank accounts.

"It's a very elaborate system. These are not amateurs because you don't work up a box like these if you just started doing fraud this morning," said Metro Sgt. Michael Warren as he pointed to a box full of cards.

You've heard of innocent people getting their credit card info skimmed?

The bad guys steal everything from people's credit card numbers to their pins.

Police said the suspects are now taking that skimmed info and encrypting it onto cards. Anything with a magnetic strip will do.

So when they get to the ATMs, they have everything they need.

"They're just sitting there popping in card after card, after card, after card," said Warren.

Police call them "drainers" because they show up to ATMs and drain people's bank accounts.

The men arrested in Nashville came from Russia and Brazil and were in the states using vacation visas.

"This is what they do. It's not hyperbole when I tell people, 'your money is leaving the country,' it is," said Warren.

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