NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - For the first time since the death of radio talk show host Phil Valentine, his brother spoke exclusively with News4 about his legacy and what message he wants others to learn from this tragedy.

"We're holding up. It is hard to process losing your best friend and brother all in the same day," Mark Valentine said.

Phil tested positive for COVID-19 in mid-July. For the first few days, Phil felt fine but later became hospitalized. During the hospital stay, doctors placed him on a ventilator.

He died Saturday. Valentine said one of his last conversations with his brother was about his life.

"Phil said, 'I lived a life of ten men.' He said he'd done everything you could have imagined," Valentine said.

Valentine was a skeptic of the vaccine, but his brother Mark told News4 he regretted not getting the shot after his hospitalization.

"Do you wish he would have followed more of the science and encouraged his listeners?" said News4's Danielle Jackson.

"Well, the problem is Danielle, is the science is all over the place, you know that's what I was just saying — now that we have more imperial evidence, now that we have enough vaccines and we have the resurgence of COVID — we can measure what's going on in the emergency room and the COVID facilities around the country. Then you can get more of a definitive, clearly focused number for people to look at," Mark Valentine said.

Mark even decided to get the vaccine after his brother's prognosis, and so did many of his listeners.

"This is a frontline nurse who told me, 'I went and got the vaccine solely because of what happened here," Valentine said.

Valentine said he is hoping this terrible situation will turn into a positive for thousands of others.

"This isn't something that usually happens, but I will say this Phil got it wrong. He just did. And if we had to do it over again, we wouldn't be in this situation, so you know everybody can't be right all the time," said Valentine.

Valentine said he wants his brother's passing to be the reason others get vaccinated. He doesn't want any other families to feel this pain.

The family is planning Phil's private burial ceremony some time this weekend.

Phil leaves behind a wife and three sons.

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