Pets returned home after Fourth of July


Several pets have returned home after running away from their families during the July 4 holiday.

Metro Animal Care and Control said it took in 10 dogs during the Fourth of July holiday, most of them likely running away after being scared by fireworks.

Shelter workers said the community played a major role in helping them take in animals safely on Wednesday.

“We had this husky suffering from heat distress. It still helped save this dog’s life because these members of the community stepped in and cooled this dog off and took it to their home and put it in a cool place,” said Sue Baker, Field Supervisor for Metro Animal Care and Control. “The community found this pet’s owner and reunited their pet with them.”

Animal Control said two dogs were returned to their owners almost immediately because they were microchipped.

Officials remind everyone it’s not just important to have the microchip. You also need to make sure it’s registered and the information is up to date.

If the address and phone numbers on the microchip are old, officials will have a hard time contacting the owner if their pet is brought in.

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