CLARKSVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Parents in the Clarksville-Montgomery County School district are speaking out about the recent quality of school lunches. Sonia Howe, a parent, and local nutritionist says her children have complained on several occasions.

“My daughter said the milk one time was spoiled. Another time the milk was frozen. The hotdogs were discolored,” Howe said.

According to Howe, options like hot dogs paired with tortillas are being served to students in her district. ”There is just no nutrition. They are not given a cold option, a hot option... The other day she got a salad in a bag with no fork, no salad dressing, so how do you really eat a salad out of a bag,” Howe explained.

The school district says their Child Nutrition Department is being impacted by the nationwide food and supply shortage, which creates unavoidable last-minute menu changes.

“I’ve seen some pictures that are circulating on social media that don’t show the full context. Although our choices may be limited…Students are still getting a full choice of sides,” said Anthony Johnson, CMCSS Chief Communications Officer.

Johnson also noted that despite these modifications, the district's meals are USDA approved. “If you have concerns about the food that is being served or your child has concerns, we encourage you to speak with the cafeteria staff,” Johnson said.

“I see so many children that need these healthy meals, that need the nutrition. I pray that the school district is going to do something. Resource it out!” Howe said.



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