Parents relieved after children found safe after school shooting


Many concerned parents are relieved after making contact with their children who are students at Marshall County High School where one person was killed and several others were injured in a shooting on Tuesday morning.

Misty Hufford, whose 15-year-old son Ethan is a freshman, said the shooting started in the common area right before school started.

When the shooting started, she said Ethan ran into the gym, which was next to the commons, and out of the building through a side door.RELATED: Gunman in custody after 2 killed, several wounded in KY high school shooting | The Latest update from Kentucky school shooting | Audio of law enforcement describe frightening shooting scene at Marshall County High School | AP: 2 dead, 17 injured in Kentucky school shooting; suspect held | CNN: 2 killed and 17 others injured in Kentucky high school shootingAs he was running from the building, he called his mom to come pick him up.

“I know when he called me, he said, ‘Mom there’s been a shooting.’ And I asked him if he was OK, and he said, ‘I’m running.’”

Misty Green said her daughter Morgan was in the commons area when the shooting occurred.

“My daughter was sitting there in the commons area and hear the ‘pop, pop, pop’ and initially got down, and then just realized what was going on, so they took out running out of the building as fast as they could,” said Green.

Green said her daughter is traumatized after seeing and hearing the entire incident.

"Initially she didn’t know what it was, but then she realized it was a gun and all of the other students realized what it was, and they all just got out of the building as quickly as they could. And teachers were grabbing kids up and helping them get into safe places. And helping them get outside and get to a safe location," said Green.

Misty Hufford picked up his son and several other boys and drove him to a nearby McDonald’s for safety.

When Misty Hufford got there, she saw several other students were there waiting for parents and the mood was solemn.

“Your heart drops as a parent. It’s a nightmare,” said Misty Hufford. “It’s a call no parent ever wants to get for sure. You send your kid to school expecting them to learn and grow and prosper as a child, not to be put in this situation.”

Missy Hufford said her son was having trouble grasping what happened at the school.

“I have been talking to him all morning and he says he’s OK, he’s just really upset. He can’t wrap his head around why anyone would do this,” said Misty Hufford. “Talk to your kids. Make sure everything is OK at school and make sure they’re not being bullied because I can’t even imagine what was going through this child’s mind when they opened fire. Something had to have been wrong.”

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