$5,000 reward offered for missing disabled woman

Alicia Waters

The parents of a disabled woman may be subpoenaed to tell the court where their daughter is, and if she is safe.

Alicia Waters, a 43-year-old woman with cerebral palsy, is the subject of a mysterious conservatorship case in Rutherford County.

Court officials said the last time they saw Alicia was two years ago, before she and her parents left Murfreesboro suddenly.

The parents left an address in a suburb of Atlanta as their forwarding address. A reporter with News 4’s Atlanta affiliate talked to Alicia’s father Charles Waters in October, but received conflicting answers about Alicia.

Charles Waters: “Well, the last I’ve heard, she’s OK. My wife is OK, she’s doing fine.”

Reporter Jonathan Carlson: “So where is your daughter? She’s not in your care?”

Waters: “No, she’s in my wife’s care.”

Carlson: “She’s in your wife’s care?”

Waters: “That’s correct.”

Carlson: “And your wife lives here?”

Waters: “Tennessee.”

Carlson: “Your wife lives in Tennessee?”

Waters: “We all lived in Tennessee.”

Carlson: “OK, but can I tell the authorities where your daughter is?”

Waters: At this moment, I’ll have to find out. Then I’ll let you know.”

Alicia has profound disabilities. She’s got a $1 million bank account set up for her care; it was a settlement from a malpractice suit. That $1 million is under the control of the Rutherford County court system.

David LaRoche is Alicia's conservator. He’s in charge of making sure the money is used for her care. LaRoche said he could be paying Alicia $9,000 a month, but he can't find her.

"We can't think of a valid reason why Alicia's family would ignore all these resources that could be used to care for Alicia. So we're very concerned about her safety," LaRoche told News 4.

After News 4 aired the interview with Alicia’s father, LaRoche filed a motion asking a judge to expand his investigative powers. He wants to subpoena Alicia's parents, Charles and Florence Waters.

LaRoche also wants to subpoena documents including, the Waters’ bank and phone records.

Alicia's parent have not only walked away from $1 million trust, LaRoche said he learned they have not collected Alicia's Social Security disability check since 2006.

LaRoche says Social Security officials told him they stopped Alicia's checks because her mother wouldn't answer questions they had about how the money was being used.

LaRoche said this new revelation deepens the mystery about how Alicia is being financially supported, and where she is.

A Facebook page has been established to help find Alicia Waters. Click here for more information.

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