NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - On Thursday, Oracle joined 84 other companies who signed a national letter saying they oppose anti-LGBTQ legislation. It comes a Mayor John Cooper toured the site for the first time on Friday and Governor Lee has LGBTQ pieces of legislation heading toward his desk.

Oracle still hasn’t officially committed to coming to Nashville. The city still has to approve the company’s proposal in the next few weeks. The Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce says Oracle can still back out, especially after they signed the Business Statement Opposing Anti-LGBTQ State Legislation”.

CEO of the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Joseph Woolley, says it’s not uncommon for businesses to refuse to come to a state that signed anti-LGBTQ legislation. He says it hurts their ability to retain and attract employees.

“The ink isn’t even on the paper yet,” says Woolley. “The deal is not closed. And what I’m trying to do today is say this is an issue, this could derail the whole deal, the biggest jobs announcement in Tennessee history. This could be the thing that ruins it all.”

Mayor Cooper was asked about Oracle’s recent signature on the national letter on Friday.

“I want to highlight what a great partner Oracle is for our diverse communities,” says Mayor Cooper. “It’s a 100% rated HRC company on issues of human rights it’s uncompromising, it’s significant. I think there’s going to be a large employer here in Nashville, they have an outstanding national record and a national profile and I am sure when they are here they will be even stronger advocates for all of our people.”

Governor Lee signed the Transgender Athlete bill into law last month. There are still four other bills either on the way to Governor Lee’s desk or going through the legislature.

Governor Lee said in a statement to News4 on Friday:

“Organizations have opportunities to weigh in on the legislative process but ultimately, Tennesseans, through their elected representatives, determine the law in our state.”


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