Monica Blake says she was verbally attacked, called a 'traitor' by the very people she works with every day.

"For a long time, I lived in fear. I was terrified for a long time."

Terrified to speak out, to voice her opinion, to stand up to her fellow police officers.

"I had executed every single channel for the police department that you are supposed to make complaints to, yet when I need those complaints, nothing happened," said Blake, "To protect me, and you let citizens of Nashville know this is what's going on right in your city."

Metro Police tells News4 they are unaware of any complaints by Blake. They are aware of her social media posts, the latest one just days ago, causing the biggest stir.

"Cheers to being on the right side of history, you already know the other side is big mad after spending over half a million and still being defeated."

Blake said this post is the one that triggered a firestorm of comments she believes are directed at her.

Comments like this one--

"Never thought I would see the day that a metro officer would turn against her fellow officers. Wonder who's back she is watching, or better yet, who is watching hers. What goes around comes around."

Blake said she was devastated.

"Absolutely devastated. I couldn't understand why so many officers didn't see inclusiveness as a good thing. I think for a long time, the community oversight has been pitched as anti-police and that's just not the case," said Blake.

Blake has filed a lawsuit saying she's long been the subject of racial discrimination by the Metro Nashville Police Department. She wants to be compensated for what she says she's been through. She also wants MNPD to amend their social media policy so she and others can freely express their thoughts online.

Metro Police tells News4 they aren't aware of any lawsuit, we sent it to them, and have not yet heard back about it.

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Lindsey Nance joined the News4 team in June 2018. She currently covers the education beat for News4.

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