Internal records from a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation into the fatal crash of a Cessna 172R plane at Nashville International Airport revealed the pilot had developed an interest with Taylor Swift and had written letters to the pop star with "the flavor of stalking.”

The News4 I-Team just obtained the internal documents as part of a Freedom of Information Act request first sent to NTSB in 2013.

The conclusion of the investigation found that the pilot, 45-year-old Michael Callan, was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Photos obtained by the I-Team show it was impossible for Callan to survive the crash, as the plane burst into flames on impact. Even Callan’s flight plan barely survived.

When the plane crashed on October 29, 2013, it baffled investigators as Callan circled the Nashville International Airport for two hours before crashing in foggy conditions

The NTSB report shows Callan rented the plane from the Windsor Flying Club and reported his destination as Pelee Island Airport in Ontario, Canada.

Instead, Callan flew to Nashville where he ultimately crashed and died. Investigators said he making no communication with air traffic control during the trip.

At the time of the crash, an FAA investigator told a Metro Nashville Police Dept. detective that Callan had listed Swift as his next of kin.

In 2013, Windsor Flying Club president David Gillies told News4 that it was not true.

"I know nothing of that silly story,” Gillies said.

But Callan’s application for membership to the Flying Club, obtained by the I-Team, does show that he listed Taylor Swift as his emergency contact.

At the time of the crash, Swift’s publicist told The Tennessean that the singer did not know Callan.

The NTSB report goes on to read that Callan’s parole officer said that the pilot had a history of repeated convictions and had developed a significant interest in a celebrity who lived in Nashville.

The NTSB report shows the pilot had a mental health evaluation in August 2012, where he reported he had written several letters to the Nashville celebrity.

According to the mental health evaluator, the letters “have the flavor of stalking.”

Canadian media reported on Callan’s criminal history as a bank robber long before the crash.

Because Monday is a holiday in Canada, no officials were available in Ontario’s parole division or the Windsor Police Department to confirm Callan’s criminal past.

But according to the Windsor Public Library, Callan was known as "Windsor’s most famous bank robber" after reportedly robbing five banks in eleven months.

The investigation ultimate cited Callan’s criminal history and impulsive behavior for leading to his “impetuous decision to fly to Nashville.”

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