Nolensville Pike between Harding Place and Welshwood Drive has been named the most dangerous crossing area in Nashville, according to a study from Walk Bike Nashville.

Half a dozen people have been killed there in recent years.

Neighbor Philip Parker said there may be more to the problem.

“People are darting in and out, crossing all times of the day, and sometimes they'll just be in the center lane waiting until the traffic clears until they can go across,” Philip Parker, a Nashville resident said.

News4 cameras captured some people using the crosswalk. Others decided to walk in the middle of the street and dodge traffic.

“I don't think it's just the drivers. I know we have distracted driving, we have drunk driving, but the pedestrians themselves can help themselves,” Parker said.

From January of 2014 to June of 2018, six people died and 16 others were hit there. That's more than any other location on the list.

The dangerous areas also happen to be at some of the busiest bus stops in the city.

“What it means is every single day, there's people trying to catch the bus, trying to get home and they're having to face dangerous, if not deadly, conditions to get there,” Nora Kern, Executive Director for Walk Bike Nashville said.

Kern wants the mayor to start a dedicated fund for more pedestrian safety.

“There’s not enough safe crosswalks, the speeds are too high, and often there's really no good way for people to get around safely,” Kern said.

She points out that the crosswalk on Nolensville Pike is a good example of what other intersections need.

The mayor's office told News4 the city's transportation department wants to recommend improvements at the locations listed in Walk Bike Nashville's study.

That could include protected bike lanes and improving pedestrian signals.

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Cameron Taylor is a national Edward R. Murrow award-winning journalist who joined the News 4 team in December 2018.

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