Nick Cave brings color and unity to Frist Art Museum

The sound suits of Nick Cave will be on display at the Frist Art Museum through June 24. (WSMV)

The spectacle of color mixed with a message lightens and brightens the gallery at the First Art Museum.

Nick Cave’s work has been doing that for years.

This is not Nick Cave the musician, this Nick is from Chicago and no one in the art world is like him.

If performance art sounds like the last thing you’d ever want to do, you’ve never seen Nick Cave’s show.

Color and the piece-by-piece creations he makes on stage lead to wonder and standing ovations.

At the Frist Art Museum through June, the movement is gone, but the power colors and message remain.

“People are just people,” said Kate Delmez with the Frist Art Museum. “He tends to think you can be purple, green, black or white, can be from Haiti, the US or Russia.”

His sound suits show that too, made to wear and climb into, covering skin color, gender and class.

“That we’re just all getting along if you will,” said Delmez. “But also the sound suits and all of his works can be purely enjoyable art.”

Much of his art is recycled, unwanted pieces of people and memories, things tossed away and found in thrift stores or antique shops.

A collage of second chances all done with things but pointed toward a human connection.

“Elevate and give visibility to things and people that have been overlooked,” said Delmez.

He delivers that message with those bright colors that you really can’t overlook them.

Those must see sound suits stay on display through June 24.

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