First, they were without hot water for months and had to shower in trailers. Now, some people in that same Green Hills condo complex are without a place to live.

The News4 I-Teams Lindsay Bramson found out there's a connection between these two disasters.

“We have a fire going on at a Georgetown Complex,” said a caller to 911 dispatchers.

"Do you see flames or smoke? Yes, there’s flames and lots of smoke,” said the caller.

Within minutes, 20 condos at Georgetown Condominiums were gone.

“We in this unit did not have hot water for over 3 months,” said Leslie Glenn who owns a condo in the complex.

"Do you know what started the fire?” asked a 911 dispatcher to another caller.

“I do not. I came out of one building and smelled smoke and looked up here and seen it burning at the balcony,” said another caller.

For the residents here, it was insult to injury.

For several weeks, work was being done to convert every condo in Georgetown Condominiums from gas to electric. And the News4 I-Team found out that work is the cause of a fire here last month.

According to the Fire Marshal's report, employees were installing a new ac unit and welding a pipe and had taken a break.

This was the same day work was scheduled to be complete. A final step in a painful four-month nightmare of no hot water and having to shower in trailers.

The report reads the employees came back 20 minutes later and saw fire on the deck of the unit they were working on.

“Ok, are you out of the…out of the building?” asked a 911 dispatcher in a third call.

“No, I’m running through trying to make sure everybody's out,” said the caller.

Because people had to pay thousands of dollars of their own money for the upgrades, some worry they'll be responsible for the fire damage.

A property manager says insurance is expected pay for the damage, so no one's out of pocket.

Homeowners hope not to see firetrucks or trailers outside anytime soon.

Multiple companies worked on the upgrades for Georgetown Condos.

The Fire Marshal's report doesn't say which company is at fault.

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Lindsay Bramson joined News4 in June 2016 as an investigative reporter.

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