The News4 I-Team is getting results after customers from all over the country came to us looking for help.

People said they paid thousands of dollars for furnaces they never got.

Consumer Investigator Lindsay Bramson started asking questions and within a day we saw some action.

We’re talking about a customer who lives in Michigan where the high today is 29 degrees. He hasn't had heat all winter until Friday.

We've all heard the saying the best things come to those who wait. But Chester Cichewicz never expected it would take eight months to get his furnace.

“I figure I just blew $6,000 for nothing,” said Cichewicz.

Within one day of our investigation airing, he had a knock at his door. His furnace had arrived.

“Lindsay, if you didn't step into this situation I would've never had it. Even my daughter, I talked to her yesterday and I sent her a picture and she said I can’t believe it,” said Cichewicz.

He bought the furnace from Tennessee Outdoor Furnace Company in Shelbyville.

The business has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau and despite a sticker on the door, it is not accredited with the BBB.

We found customers all over the country who said they were told they'd have their furnace in 4-6 weeks.

Reporter Lindsay Bramson asked the owner, “Can you tell me what you're doing so that in the future people get their furnaces faster?”

“We're not back-ordered anymore, Lindsay. If he needed a stove, he shouldn't have bought ours. He knew it was going to take eight months when he ordered it,” said Terry York, the owner of Tennessee Outdoor Furnaces.

“You stepped into it. You talked to the owner there and you made a difference,” said Cichewicz.

Cichewicz said he learned a very important lesson.

“I never do this again where I pay somebody this kind of money and don't have anything in writing and it’s all verbal,” he said.

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Lindsay Bramson joined News4 in June 2016 as an investigative reporter.

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