Lindsay Bramson joined News4 in June 2016 as an investigative reporter. She currently specializes in consumer issues.

When a college student says she wasn’t getting help with what was growing inside her apartment, she contacted the News4 I-Team.

Consumer Investigator Lindsay Bramson shows how it looked before and after she started asking questions.

For months, Teris Taylor couldn’t go in her bathroom without seeing what was growing on her bathroom wall.

“I see it when I get in the shower, when I get out of the shower and every time I come in there. It’s disgusting, “said Taylor.


She says it's been a problem since last October.

“And it just kept growing and growing, day by day, it would keep growing…the black spotting across different parts of the wall."

Last month, a worker for The Views on the Cumberland in West Nashville finally responded…but simply painted over it.

When we asked the Metro Health Department if that was good enough, a spokesperson said, "painting over mold without eliminating the source of the moisture is not a solution.”

And we found out there's not much city or state health officials can do.

Consumer Investigator Lindsay Bramson asked, “Is it acceptable for someone to be living in conditions like that? We don't have the regulatory authority on mold to say you've got to take these steps,” said Brian Todd with the Metro Health Department.

Teris was worried that painting over the growth wasn't enough. So, we started asking questions. What paint did they use? Would it kill what was underneath or would it grow back?

Now, look at what happened after we asked questions for days. Maintenance at the apartment knocked out the wall and replaced the drywall. So why did they take this step?

Bramson went to the apartment complex asking to speak with someone about mold complaints and how they handle them?"

A property manager said she couldn't answer our questions and when we contacted the regional manager, News4 received an email, saying they couldn't make any comments either.

Even though the mold is gone, Taylor moved out..and just hopes the next person who lives there doesn't have to deal with what she did.

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