The author of a new book about Steve McNair's murder said the story is actually uniting some of McNair's family with the family of his accused killer.The book is called "Playbook To A Murder."First-time book author Vincent Hill said, "Everything's not always what it appears."Hill decided to write a book about what he calls Metro's faulty investigation into the deaths of McNair and Sahel Kazemi."What the book focuses on is the holes in the investigation and the inconsistencies of people's whereabouts on that day," said Hill.The former Metro officer has been an outspoken critic of Metro's investigation since McNair was found shot to death inside his downtown condo July 4, 2009.Metro police ruled his mistress, Kazemi, pulled the trigger and then killed herself.Hill published the book himself less than a month ago. So, far he's already sold more than three dozen copies, but what is more intriguing is who is interested in his book."Lucille McNair actually has a copy," said Hill.Although Hill hasn't spoken directly with McNair's mother, he said that he's been told the book has helped her cope with her son's sudden and tragic death.On the book's Facebook page, the more than 500 fans include some familiar names like Steve McNair Jr. and Steven McNair, the former Tennessee Titan's two oldest sons, who live in Mississippi."Steve's two oldest sons' mothers have copies, as well as Sahel's sister," said Hill.Hill believes his book has even brought the two families together."I do know they have been conversing via e-mail and telephone, and I think they are on the verge of becoming very good friends," he said.While Hill has received a lot of positive feedback, to those who criticize his book, he said that doesn't matter."Everyone that's ordered a copy and read it e-mailed me or posted on Facebook saying their eyes were really opened and there was a lot of stuff missed in the investigation," Hill said.A representative for McNair's estate said they are familiar with the book and do have a copy, but since they haven't read it yet, they do not have a comment.The public can order Hill's book at The book is $9.99, plus $3 shipping and handling.