New state law fines school zone drivers for using their phones

Signs like these are starting to pop up in Rutherford County. (WSMV)

When you drop your kids off at school, you could be breaking the law and not even know it.

Starting this year, it’s against the law to use your cell phone in an active school zone. This includes texting or talking on the phone.

If you’re caught, you'll be given a $50 ticket, and court fees could set you back another $150.

Signs reading “no phones” are starting to pop up in Rutherford County. Right now, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office is only giving out warnings; however, that will change soon.

Officials say even if you’re not holding your cell phone to your ear, it’s still distracted driving.

“Hands-free-- it still affects you because you concentrate on the conversation,” explained Major Steve Spence. “You need to be aware of your surroundings when you're driving.”

Last year, there were 106 crashes in Rutherford County involving cell phones.

Officials hope these signs will prevent that from happening again.