Overnight, Metro Police investigated two robberies within an hour of each other in Antioch.

Neighbors believe it's time for Metro to create a task force devoted solely to violent crimes in the community.

According to the Metro crime map, in the last week there have been 24 reported "violent" crimes. Most of them, assaults and car break-ins.

Go back four weeks, that number jumps to 162.

Metro Police says the existing juvenile task force is cracking down on these crimes already. But folks in this community believe, it's going to take more than that.

“It's very disheartening to see, especially this area which was once thriving,” said Christina Calloway, a mother of two in Antioch.

She believes Metro Police does a great job working with community members, and keeping them informed. She also credits the juvenile task force, for its work cracking down on crimes around Antioch.

“It's time where we need to have some balance, and we need to have a really strong task force to come in and say look, this is what we're going to do to balance out the community," said Calloway.

Metro Police says since February, the juvenile task force arrested nearly 191 juveniles, recovered 120 stolen cars, and got 150 guns off the streets.

Right now, there are no plans to create a task force devoted entirely to Antioch.

Corey Stevenson lives in Antioch.

“We definitely need to get a grip on it, and get it taken care of,” said Stevenson.

Metro Police says after weekly meetings, additional officers are placed in areas across Antioch where they see an uptick in crime.

“You worry about youth, you worry about community,” said Stevenson. “You want to be safe and enjoy life and get out and do things.”

Calloway believes it will ultimately take more than just additional officers on the street.

“Our neighbors have to actually speak up and be vocal in the community. We can't be afraid to speak out and use our voices to make sure that everyone knows, when you come to this area - that this is a community, and we're a very strong community of people,” she said.

Metro Police says youth crime stats are down across the board so far in 2018. Juvenile task force officers say that does not mean the problem is solved.

They too stress the importance of community involvement, and the eyes and ears of neighbors to help get criminals off the streets.

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Edward Burch joined News4 at a reporter in December 2016. Edward currently covers growth stories in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

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