Neighbors blame nearby construction on flooding in Hendersonville neighborhood

Water run-off from a construction site has caused a flood of water to rush through neighbors' yards. (Photo submitted)

Water rushing through a homeowner’s backyard and they said it’s all because of nearby construction.

It’s what neighbors in one local neighborhood have been dealing with for months.

When the rain comes pouring down, homeowners in one Hendersonville neighborhood are left with a mess.

"This is pretty much what we look at. It's been a big mud pit since December,” said Lindsey Baldwin who has lived in the Fountain Brooke subdivision for almost three years.

Neighbors blame that mud pit on construction just yards away. Neighbors sent News4 video from a heavy rain back in May showing water rushing through one homeowner’s backyard.

"There were no signs of the construction coming. It was a total shock,” said James Scaggs who also lives in the neighborhood.

The News4 I-Team learned it's a new subdivision that will have hundreds of homes. According to city officials, the developer, Pulte Group based out of Atlanta, was not in compliance with city rules. Specifically, not enough barriers in place to prevent flooding and erosion.

What steps has the developer taken to try and make the situation better? News4 learned rocks weren't here until just a few weeks ago and weren’t a part of the original plan. Also, not a part of the original plan was a second silk fence. Both were put in place to prevent water from going inside these homes.

In an email, a Pulte Group spokesperson said significant rain in May tested their drainage systems and they will correct any damage to homeowners’ property and are working to increase onsite drainage control systems.

Pulte Group issued this statement to News4:“Over the past several weeks, the Nashville area has experienced several significant rain events that severely tested the capacity of the drainage management systems at the site. In response to these events, Pulte has been in contact with residents in neighboring communities to correct any damage to their property and has worked with the city to increase onsite drainage control systems. At this time, we believe the systems which are in place can effectively manage water on the site.”“Every row of this, as you can see it's kind of going around in circles, is their attempt at adding more and more measures to try and stop all the erosion and all the flooding going through here,” said Duane Allen who is a design engineer for the city of Hendersonville.

Lindsay Bramson asked, “Why wasn't all of this done in the first place?”

“The first design shows only the first fence was needed,” said Allen.

“You would think the city would have more power and it seems the developers have all the power and the homeowners are the ones to suffer,” said Scaggs.

A Pulte Group Spokesperson says they believe the additional systems put in place will manage water better.

The City of Hendersonville only has one inspector who goes out to construction sites. City officials said it is in the process of requesting at least three additional inspectors.

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Lindsay Bramson joined News4 in June 2016 as an investigative reporter.

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