You see videos of porch pirates and thieves pulling on door handles all the time, and often times, the quality is great, but are they enough?

"Where we used to live, we had a camera system, and we actually caught a crime on our camera system and nothing, ultimately, was solved because we still didn't know who the person was," said Marshall Hall, a Nashville homeowner. 

That's why the Stockett Creek neighborhood is taking their surveillance a step further.

They invested in their own license plate reading camera.

Now, for every car that passes through, there's a record of its color, type, and license plate number.

"So that if you see an incident occur, a property crime, you can just type in, 'white car or a black truck,' and you'll be able to see all the black trucks that came through and the license plates that are associated with that, download the footage in one tap, and give it to police," said Josh Thomas with Flock Safety, the company that makes the cameras.  

Thomas said they've already sold to multiple neighborhoods in Nashville.

The cost is $2,000 per camera, per year.

"Because they own the footage, the customers, not us not the police, it's privately owned footage. They get to decide who gets access to it," said Thomas. 

Thomas said, across the country, the cameras are helping to solve a crime a day.

Meanwhile, the residents of Stockett Creek hope the camera will do even more.

"The hope is that this prevents crime because if people know that there's a camera that's going to take a picture of them and they're vehicle, then they just won't come into the neighborhood," said Thomas.

The company deletes the footage after 30 days.

There is also a feature where residents who live in the neighborhood can "opt out" and not have their license plates read.  

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Carley Gordon joined the News4 team as a reporter in 2009.

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