PEGRAM, TN (WSMV) - A Cheatham County mother's life was taken by the fast waters of Wednesday night's flooding.

The mother's name has not been released by the Cheatham County Sheriff's Department at this time.

Her neighbors on Pond Creek Road mourn her passing as they also deal with the damage left behind.

Pond Creek Road flooding - 2/6/19

One person was killed in the flooding in the Pond Creek area.

"We've lost part of our yard," said Linda Hobdy, walking around a large section of her yard that had given way to rushing water. "This was all solid. This was all filled in with dirt. So, all this that's there was taken."

Hobdy had a close eye on three grandsons Thursday afternoon as the boys skipped rocks into the water. After the flooding, there's just a lot more around her home that could be dangerous. 

"We had patio furniture," she said as her boyfriend raked up glass from the porch. "It's all gone."

"Of course, we can't get in our own driveway," Hobdy continued, looking out at a large section of the drive that had been washed away.

"Don just bought this car a week ago," she said, walking to her boyfriend's car. The hood was up, the car dead. Dirt was caked at the bottom of doors. 

Hobdy said these are material things, none of it matters.

What hurts is the loss of a neighbor and good friend swept up by the flood water.

"Her daughter called my sister and said, 'my mother's gone, and she's been gone for an hour,'" Hobdy remembered. "She called her back and said, 'my momma's dead.' It's just tragic. Probably just a second was what it took. This water just rushes so fast. You miss your mother. I lost mine when I was 17."

As crews make fixes to damage in the Pegram area, Hobdy wants her community to think of the grieving family who lives next to her.

"It made me understand how important the people are that you love," she said. "Keep them close and keep them safe."

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Forrest Sanders is an award-winning reporter, videographer and editor at News4.

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